Every. Strike. Counts.

How it works.

 Real-time feedback about three significant boxing variables!

01 / FORCE

How hard can you hit?

Try to hit the bag in every possible way and anywhere you like, you will get to see exactly how hard your strikes were. It calculates the impact force in Newtons in a very accurate and reliably way. Try to improve your techniques or create totally new ones!


How many times can you punch per second? Or per minute?

Try to hit the bag as fast as possible and you will see your punching speed. Warning: punching at a high frequency requires a beast fitness. 


How high can you kick?

The location of every strike is saved and shown to you on a heat map in our logo. It will tell you where your hardest and weakest hits were, so you can train every technique to pro levels. 


About Strike-f(x).


This product has been developed at the Human Movement Faculty at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. It has originally been built for research purposes with elite athletes. However, after receiving very positive feedback we decided to keep innovating the product so everyone can use it. 


With this product, we strive to help athletes of all levels improve their performance and visualize their progress. Also, we aim to make every boxing bag workout more fun by making challenges and gamified workouts. 


The technology we use to measure your performance is totally new and recently patented. Instead of using force plates that can be hit in only one direction, our bag can be used like every other normal boxing bag. You won't feel any difference.


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